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Four Things to Think About When Buying a Home

No abode is perfect when you first purchase it. When home hunting, it can be tempting to search until the end of time for the perfect one, but we know that isn’t possible. As an interior designer, I give my clients in both Florida and Chicago a few pieces of advice when they’re house-hunting. If you don’t love a home at first sight, don’t fret! You can still work with your interior designer to create your dream home.  When searching for your next home, here are a few tips to start off right:  

How to Curate a Subtly Beach-Inspired Home

Everybody enjoys a good trip to the beach, so it’s no wonder why most of us love sea-inspired decor. Whether you live by the beach in Florida or are in the suburbs of Chicago, there are plenty of ways to bring the ocean indoors to create a warm and breezy paradise in your home. Don’t let your love for the ocean let your space get cluttered with sea shells—if you’re planning to create an ocean-inspired space, it’s important to maintain balance by using subtle elements.