We often encounter clients who express a desire for a more contemporary home but feel uncertain about where to begin due to their collection of cherished family heirlooms. Recently, we had the opportunity to work with a client seeking to modernize her home while retaining many pieces she had cherished for years.

There’s an art to crafting a clean-lined space that seamlessly incorporates the ornate lines commonly found in antique furniture and artwork. In this particular project, we were thrilled to showcase various elements, including a beautiful Japanese screen, a stunning piece of California art, a beloved rug, and an heirloom chest.

To merge these diverse elements into a cohesive space, we employ several strategies:

  1. Texture Play: A judicious use of textures can soften the modern elements and blend them harmoniously with vintage pieces. Notice how the squared lines of the sofas, upholstered in a nubby tweed, complement the hand-woven nature of the rug.
  2. Color Blocking: Careful color blocking creates an open and airy ambiance. Highlighted by pops of orange in the swivel chair and solid sofa pillows, this technique adds vibrancy to the space.
  3. Incorporating Contemporary Pieces: Introducing a few very contemporary pieces rather than opting for a “transitional” approach can enhance the overall aesthetic. In the living room, observe the Platner coffee table, the open-end table, and the contemporary fabric on the sofa pillows. Similarly, in the dining room, note the contemporary chairs, ceiling fixture, and console, which seamlessly blend with the artwork and vintage sconces.

If you’re interested in blending modern design with your cherished heirlooms, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!