design process

INTERIOR DESIGN PROCESSIt Starts with a Conversation

The design process is tailored uniquely to each client’s needs. However, the first phase in the process is the same for all–it starts with a conversation: What is it that you’re looking for in your space? At Bon Brise Design, we listen so we can create a space that is perfect for you.

We want to get to know you. In our meeting, we will discuss the use of the room, your likes, dislikes, needs and wants, structural changes you might like, your favorite colors, furnishings you want to keep and those you can’t stand anymore, and other personal preferences. If there is a beloved piece, feature, or finish that must stay in the room, we Design Around This® to create an ideal space for clients.

We then use what we’ve learned as our basis to develop floor plans and an initial design concept that works for your lifestyle. After approval, we fully develop that concept, meeting with you along the way to select finishes and furnishings that are just the right fit. We guarantee high-quality work that encompasses your personal style by working closely with skilled craftsmen to complete the project. By the end of the design process, Bon Brise Design will bring your dreams to reality.