One of the design elements we’re asked about most is rugs. In a well-designed space, a rug fits in seamlessly. However, when you choose the wrong one, it can make the space awkward and throw off your entire design. Choosing the right rug can be difficult, and it’s an investment. We always recommend purchasing a high-quality rug that will last you a lifetime if properly cared for. Here are the most common questions we hear on rugs and our answers:


What size do I need?

In a seating arrangement, at least the front two feet of every piece of furniture should sit on the rug. This will help tie your furniture together into a more cohesive space.


For the bedroom, the rug should extend around 18 inches from the edges of your bed. Another option is a runner at the foot of the bed.


In the dining room, the size of the table will help you determine what size rug you need. The rug should extend two feet from the edge of the table. The extra space allows for dining chairs to slide well.


What if my pet or child ruins it?

Don’t let children or pets deter you! There are many durable rug options out there. Look for stain-resistant materials such as polyester or polypropylene, which can even survive stains from us adults (like wine!).


Do I need a rug pad?

If you’re purchasing a beautiful, high-quality rug, it’s a big investment. To extend the life of your purchase, you will need a rug pad to cushion the rug and protect it from everyday wear and tear. Rug pads will also add a bit of softness to flat-woven rugs.


What style should I choose?

That depends on the style of the rest of your home. We have another guide for that! Click here to read about how to choose the right style for your home.


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