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Old is new again…or is it?

You know the saying, “what’s old is new again?”  Some people feel that design trends in interiors and fashion just recycle old ideas over and over. I’ve heard people say, “Oh if only I had saved that (fill-in-the-blank item) all these years I could have just used it again!”

What to Ask Yourself Before Packing for a Move

At Bon Brise Design, we know all about big moves. In 2017, our Principal Designer moved from her home of many years, and Bon Brise opened a second office in St. Petersburg, Florida, as well. Packing up both office and home for a long-distance move offered a learning opportunity for the team. Over the years, we all collect items that we don’t truly need. We envisioned a new, clutter-free office and home and got to work. Before packing up for Florida, we asked ourselves a few questions about every item before it went in a box-the first step to reducing clutter.