The increasing challenges facing our earth, most of which are man-made, make it more important than ever to do our part, wherever possible. So, here are just a few things to consider in making design sustainable:


  • Buy quality, hardwood furniture that will last forever. Our throw-away world advocates cheap and immediate, but that is not sustainable for our planet. High-quality furniture may cost more up front, but it’s a one-time expenditure. For example, my mother received her sofa upon her marriage and kept it the rest of her life, reupholstering and re-fashioning rather than throwing away. That sofa then went to the college dorm room, and then the apartment, of a good friend’s daughter.
  • Source furniture with cushions made with eco-friendly foam and bamboo fiber.
  • Shop at vintage shops and websites, to repurpose furniture rather than buying new. One of our favorites is Meg Made, which finds vintage furniture and creates vibrant, of the-moment pieces that meld with today’s décor.
  • Buy outdoor furniture made with recycled materials, which makes it more durable than natural products


  • Use fabrics that are made from recycled materials wherever possible. For example, Sunbrella has a line that is at least 50 percent recycled fabric and fiber.
  • Use outdoor fabrics, even indoors. Because these are fade-resistant and durable, they can last longer than other fabrics, so less need to reupholster. And these fabrics are now so soft and fashion-forward, it’s an easy decision.

Building materials:

  • Install countertops made of recycled glass.
  • Donate used materials like cabinetry, furniture, plumbing fixtures and left-over tile, so that others may use them.
  • Use flooring made of bamboo, a highly sustainable wood, or vinyl, which can be made with a high percentage of recycled material, and these days is really good looking.
  • Finish the floors and paint the walls with low-VOC products.

Are you looking to update and make some changes in your home?  Give us a call to find out how we can work together to create beauty while sustaining that which nature has given us.