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Can Great Furniture Design Supersede Comfort?

Taliesin West reached out to me recently about a topic I was more than happy to discuss: the commercial release of a small piece of design history. Architectural visionary Frank Lloyd Wright is a hero to many of us in the design world, an American innovator who created structures and spaces so striking that they captivated millions. While he’s best known for his marvelous architecture, Wright’s design talent also included interior furnishings, most famously in his Arizona home, Taliesin West. Now, Italian furniture manufacturer Cassina S.p.A. will produce a very limited run of one of his most famous furniture designs—the Taliesin 1 chair.

What Quality Looks (and Feels) Like

Let’s face it, there’s nothing better than getting a good deal on pretty much anything. However, when dollar signs jump out at you, it’s easy to let the consideration of quality veer to the wayside.