boy's bedroom and bath design

We’re putting the final touches on a new bedroom with attached bath for an 11-year-old boy. This has been such a fun project! What’s made it especially interesting is the compact nature of everything we’re doing.

The first thing we realized was that these days, a kid’s bedroom also has to also be his classroom, and may one day go back to being a space to hang out with his buddies. We also knew we wanted him to feel comfortable in the space as he gets older. Tall order, considering that the space was an office with an attached bath, thus the bedroom is small, at just 9’ x 13’, with no closet.

We were able to fit a 48” wide closet into the bedroom and a 14” deep storage closet into the bathroom, and worked with our friends at Inspired Closets to outfit them perfectly. Next, we added a dresser with a bookshelf into an existing nook in one corner of the room, and a custom designed desk to fit into another corner, partnering with Alcove Cabinetry to get everything just right.

Our team designed a custom loft bed, being crafted by Edgewood, that provides a full-size bed with a bedside table up top, and with space below for a pull-out sofa, even including side tables to hold tablets and a soda. We gave all the furniture a black finish, added lots of light fixtures, used black and white in the bathroom, and added tons of color with a bright paint on the walls, a bold rug and cool pillows.

We can’t wait for the project to be finished!

Some of the materials used in the bathroom:

Some of the materials used in the bedroom:

boy's bedroom materials