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Design Trend: Open Shelving


Design Trend: Open Shelving

As of late, open shelving is all the rage in interior design. Open shelving is going beyond just bookshelves. Kitchens are beginning to feature open shelving to store dishes and cookware. You may be wondering what I mean by open shelving. Open shelving units are cabinets with no doors, or shelves that are just ledges on the wall, with no sides.

Monthly Design Feature: “Does This Look Like a Laundry Room?!”

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“Does this look like a laundry room?!” This was our client’s subject line to the email she sent us extolling the virtues of her now-completed space. This was a Design from Afar® project for us, in Door County, WI, but that wasn’t the difficult part! The real challenge was in packing maximum usage into this small (8’ x 8 ½’) space.