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6 Interior Design Secrets That Will Transform Your Home


Designing a home is a process that requires much thought, visualizations, and hundreds of small decisions along the way. Each and every detail has to be taken into consideration, even after the overall style and major purchases have been determined. There are so many tips we give to clients throughout their design experience that are important to creating a beautiful, personal, and functional space. But we’ve managed to narrow down our top six! Here are a few secrets that we think everyone should know before embarking on their home redesign:

Art Collecting 101: Where to Begin

No home is complete without one thing: art! You don’t have to be an artist or designer to know
that walls seem bare without artwork. There are so many reasons to build your own collection, and there are a growing number of styles to choose from. At Bon Brise Design, we often take our clients through the process of selecting art, or even bring in art consultants to work on a project.