At Bon Brise Design, we’ve seen bathrooms in all shapes and sizes. Some of those combinations of shapes and sizes present architectural challenges that require unique and stunning solutions, very often for mirrors. You don’t always need a challenging space to install an interesting mirror, however. If you’re struggling to find the right bathroom mirror, try these out-of-the-box ideas.

Suspended Mirrors

This is an unusual solution, but it can be a sleek focal point for a small bathroom. Suspended mirrors are often used in small or oddly shaped bathrooms. These mirrors can come with their own design challenges, such as ensuring they are stable once installed, so expect to take extra time carefully choosing one. If your style leans minimalist or eclectic, then a suspended mirror may be just what you’ve been searching for.

Multiple Mirrors

Installing multiple mirrors, such as in a gallery wall style, provides a unique and easily customizable option. We recommend using multiple mirrors in secondary bathrooms, primarily powder rooms, as they’re not always practical for getting ready in the morning. If you love a gallery look, shopping vintage, or creating something completely unique, then this is a design element you can make your own.

Wrap-around Mirrors

Wrap-around mirrors are another option that works well with powder rooms, especially those with little natural light to brighten the space. These mirrors can be custom-cut to fit your space perfectly and help the room feel larger.

Pivoting Mirrors

Pivoting mirrors work well in nearly every style of home, and they’re one of the most useful options. If you have a tight space, a pivoting mirror can allow you to both do your hair and makeup easily and pivot the mirror to get a full view of your outfit. Visually, pivoting mirrors offer many hardware options that will blend in with your decor. If you plan to install an interesting tile or wallcovering, pivoting mirrors also allow you to install it behind the mirror for an uninterrupted design.

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