No matter if you’re a travel connoisseur or have only been abroad a handful of times, any trip can leave you feeling inspired and ready for a new project. We love to display our client’s memories in their home to add sophisticated flair, including items they’ve collected from their travels and pieces inspired by their favorite places. I’ve rounded up my favorite simple tips on how you can incorporate your travels into your home.

Play With Your Patterns

The bold mixing of patterns often catches our attention when traveling abroad, so why not incorporate this into your own space?  Try testing out a bold wallpaper with a graphic rug, and stay within the same color family to really pull it off with panache. Rich greenery will also give your space a natural touch to bring everything together.

Create a Collection

When you travel, do you tend to collect certain items across all your visits, such as holiday ornaments, mugs, or hats?  Use the best of these items to create a collection, either framed or on shelves. Grouping things together helps them stand out, creating an area of visual interest and multiple stories!




Serve Up Style

Small pieces are always the biggest conversation starters. For a serving tray that brings up memories of your adventures abroad, pick up a few pieces in the style of the country you just visited.  Try pairing textured glasses, eclectic serving bowls and a pitcher for your favorite mimosa or sangria recipe, all in the style of your latest visit!

Customize It
Graduate from photo albums to using your favorite photo(s) as your home’s artwork.  We’ve commissioned paintings based on clients’ travel photos, and we’ve treated travel photos to a special finishing technique to create fantastic, one-of-a-kind artwork.  You’ll have curated artwork that’s sure to inspire wonderful memories and great conversations.











No home is complete without a little personality. Schedule a consultation with Bon Brise Design today, and let us transform your home!