A new year, a new decade, new ideas, and trends in interiors that caught our eye. We think these are here to stay, so you’ll want to read on and adopt the styles that speak to you. 

Pantone announced in December 2019 that classic blue would be the 2020 color of the year. The blue hue is a timeless color and represents a sense of peace and tranquility. Blue can easily be applied to different aspects of the home, found in various materials, textures, and finishes; it is the perfect mixture of bold and comfort. Add it for a fabulous, stylish design.

The kitchen is constantly evolving and changing when it comes to design. According to Houzz, it’s still the most popular room to renovate. Contemporary style was all the rage in 2019, and small touches of furniture-like elements are being added to complement the rest of the home’s décor. Having a highly functional kitchen that doesn’t look cluttered or like a kitchen at all is considered “in.” Traditional cabinets are turning to nooks and open spaces. Clean, polished, and minimalistic—that’s a 2020 kitchen.

A love of nature combined with a focus on well-being is a strong influence in 2020 homes. Filling your living room or bedroom with fresh plants, succulents, and natural sunlight is appealing to the stylish homeowner. Adding water sources to outdoor areas, such as fountains, ponds, and water features turns your home from comfortable to a spa-like experience.

Every room should tell your story. Mixing old and new accessories that show off your personality makes your space true to you. Layering old and new pieces creates a comfortable atmosphere. Like to travel? Hang up the maps you’ve collected throughout the years and add some newer souvenirs from recent trips.

It’s a fairly new idea that a bathroom can have a theme or style of its own. Since it’s a smaller space that is used frequently, the new trend is to decorate and experiment with fun colors, materials, and accessories. The bathroom should always feel clean, polished, and have a personalized spa atmosphere.

Usually a necessity in smaller apartments or lofts, the idea of a multi-functional space is expanding to a style in larger households. Workspaces have become less formal, with an entire room not necessary to function solely as an office. A large dining table doesn’t need to take up a whole space—in fact, some are opting solely for bar stools or a coffee table to eat meals. Furniture is movable, modular, and smaller. Blending rooms for multi-uses creates inspiring, clean, and productive areas.

A common theme mentioned thus far is “less is more”.  A minimalistic style is filled with air and elegance. Extremely modern in style, spaces are more functional than ever with less appliances and heavy furniture cluttering the tranquility of the space. 

It’s not just about having technology—it’s about having smart technology in your household. Smart technology means all of your gizmos and gadgets work together to make your home extremely productive. For example, connecting your smart phone to your Alexa, your televisions, your indoor lighting, your doorbell camera, etc. Having charging stations versus an office area with cords is a wonderful trend. The technological devices available to us should make our living spaces easy to live in.

Finding unique pieces of art is key to making a home yours…pieces that not only speak to who you are, but perhaps can even inspire your guests. Inspirational art will make your space comfortable and keep you cheery even on a rainy day.

Yes, your bedroom is your room. But what about your hobbies and interests? More and more homes are taking smaller rooms and turning them into game rooms, man caves, personal gyms, home theaters, and more. By simply adding a treadmill or weights, you have a gym to yourself. Like to game? Long, large, curved couches are extremely in, many with built-in cup holders and chargers, perfect to play video games or cuddle up to watch a movie on the flat screen.

The new decade is all about minimalism, functionality, and wellness. If your home needs a dash of inspiration, use these ten trends to guide you in your interior design. Accessories, furniture, and color can make all the difference.

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