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Designing small spaces can be as challenging as designing grand, sprawling homes. At Bon Brise Design, small condos and bungalows are some of our favorite spaces to tackle. One of the most important things to consider when designing a smaller space is choosing appropriately sized furniture. Here are a few of our favorite pieces for small homes that still pack plenty of style:

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Love Seat

For small living rooms or even offices, a loveseat is a great alternative to a sectional or larger sofa. Even with its slimmer profile, there is still plenty of room to seat a couple friends or to stretch out for movie night.

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Storage Ottoman

A storage ottoman is great multifunctional piece. You can use it for storage, extra seating, and a place to put your feet up. In some instances, it can even take the place of a coffee table by placing a decorative tray on it.

Console Table

A console is a narrow table that is usually placed behind a sofa or against the wall of an entryway. It’s a good spot to drop off the mail, your bag, and add fresh flowers. In small spaces, they also offer up a way to add additional style without bringing in larger pieces.


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Storage Bed

Every home needs a nice bed, and in a small space it can serve the additional purpose of storage. You can find beds that have drawers for easy access to your belongings or options that have storage underneath the mattress platform, which is perfect for storing seasonal items you seldom need.

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Slim Shelving

Traditional bookshelves can weigh a room down, but you can still make space for your home library! Leaning, ladder-style pieces can hold the same amount of books or décor with a slimmer profile. They are also easily placed in corners, which are often underutilized.


Designing small spaces can be a challenge, but our team knows just how to turn your new house into a home. Contact us today for a consultation!