Sometimes it’s hard to let go because, as we all know, change is hard! This is especially true when it comes to making design changes in your home. Your home, even more so the bedroom, is a sanctuary where you should feel the most at ease. That’s why it’s just as important to consider what you should not have in your bedroom as what you should have.

Follow our lead and remove these items from your bedroom, and you will find that it creates a more refined and relaxing space where you will sleep better.

1. Your Desk
Make space for your desk and work area in another part of your home. When you put your workspace in your bedroom, you also bring the stress of work into the space. Instead, make your bedroom a place solely for relaxation.

2. Your Cell Phone
Cell phones are a distraction. The last thing you need is to wake up at 3 a.m. to the sound of an unimportant call. Poor sleep quality can also be caused by screen time before bed. Instead, replace your cell phone with a book.

3. Your Pets

Many of us sleep with our pets in the room or even on the bed.  While this may seem comforting at first, the constant fidgeting that a dog or cat does will interrupt your sleep.  Create a cozy spot elsewhere in your home for your pet, with pet-appropriate bedding and a small water bowl, to enable you to get a better night’s rest.

4. Old Pillows
It’s time to toss out those old, uncomfortable pillows. Pillows are one of the several items that you should splurge on in the bedroom. If you find yourself waking up with aches and pains, even with a new mattress, it’s probably time for new pillows.


5. All the Clutter
You start out with a beautifully designed room. Within weeks, clutter will accumulate—it happens to all of us. Cluttered spaces can lead to anxiety and poor sleep quality, so ditch the old magazines and other items that don’t serve the space with a purpose.

6. Dirty Laundry
Dirty laundry is visually unappealing, smelly, and simply doesn’t belong in your bedroom. Get a stylish laundry basket for your laundry and place it in your bathroom or, if nearby, the laundry room.

7. Unworn Clothes
If your closet is overflowing into the rest of your bedroom, it’s most likely because you have an abundance of clothes you never wear. Removing these items will make it easier to organize your wardrobe creating less stress for you.


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