Deciding between a sectional and a sofa can be a challenge for anyone redesigning their living space. By answering a few key questions, however, you can quickly figure out which piece is the best fit for you and your space.

How big is your living room?
Even if you’re in love with the idea of a sectional, sometimes rooms are just too small to accommodate such a large piece of furniture. Be sure to measure your space (and your doorways!) carefully before you start looking for the perfect sectional or sofa.

What is the space for?
Will your family be using this seating to watch TV? A sectional may provide you with more space to lounge. The big question about a sectional is the use of the corner piece… They’re great for lounging but usually difficult to otherwise sit in. If you plan to use the space to entertain often and host guests, a sofa and chairs may provide you with a more comfortable arrangement for conversation.

How often do you rearrange?
If you find yourself with a constant itch to move your furniture around every few months, you may want to avoid purchasing a sectional. A sofa and a pair of chairs will provide you with more versatility in arranging your current home, as well as future places you move.

What’s your style?
Ultimately, if you don’t like the look of one of these options, don’t buy it! It’s important to design a space you’ll feel comfortable in, so trust your style instincts.

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