Today, more than ever, the beauty of natural stone is a favorite choice of designers, architects and homebuilders. Having been used for thousands of years already, natural stone is a dynamic and versatile product that can be used in both traditional and contemporary buildings. For floors, walls, and countertops there is a variety of natural stone surface finishes to choose from. Here are some need-to-knows about our favorite stones before installing them in your space:

The look of quartz stone has become increasingly popular over the years, to the point where manufacturers have figured out a way to make it artificially. Engineered quartz is actually 95 percent ground natural quartz and 5 percent polymer resins used to bind the materials. Because of the polymer resins, engineered quartz does better at withstanding staining than natural quartzite. It also holds similar durability qualities to quartzite, but because quartz is engineered, it will never be as strong.

Quartzite is a remarkably durable natural stone that’s made up of small rocks, sediment, and sand that have been molded together by thousands of years of heat and compression. Due to its years of “cooking,” quartzite actually is stronger than a knife blade, making it a wonderful (but pricey) option for countertops or flooring. But be careful: because of its limestone origins, it can be stained by everyday foods like red wine and turmeric.

Granite is similar to quartzite in terms of strength and durability but is made from rocks formed from liquid magma. Generally, granite will feature darker colors and distinct flecks. Granite offers the most variety in terms of color and visual aesthetic with an affordable price tag, leaving you the option to really fine-tune your style for each space.

Marble is typically a beautiful, yet high-maintenance option. While marble may be the most aesthetically pleasing to some, it’s also the most porous of the stones we’ve mentioned. Over time marble can get a lovely patina with a bit of elbow grease, which can be a real “wow factor” visually.

Overall, it simply depends on your style preferences, lifestyle, and budget! Those looking for a bold, one-of-a-kind design will find that stone is a viable option. Whether it’s used as a countertop, flooring, or backsplash, we can help you to find the perfect stone to give your space a unique look.