Our jumping off point for the design started with two aspects. We loved the little cherubs in the middle of the existing brass sconce, and knew we wanted to keep those fixtures. And the homeowner had two rugs in the foyer that incorporated lot of color, but these beautiful rugs were a bit on their own, and not really tying into any other décor around them.

We set out to create a lovely little jewel box of a room. We painted the walls a vivid blue that echoes that in the rugs, gilded the ceiling, enhanced the sconces by adding brass-inlaid tile on the floor, and echoed the braided sconce arms in the detail on the new faucet. We brought in a lively soft green vanity and found fabric for the shade that encompassed all of our colors. Lastly, we helped the homeowner choose new artwork for the back wall, deciding on two beautiful Ukiyo-e woodblock prints that feature the deep colors of the room, and tie into the Chinoiserie wall covering in the adjacent dining room.

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