You know the saying, “what’s old is new again?”  Some people feel that design trends in interiors and fashion just recycle old ideas over and over. I’ve heard people say, “Oh if only I had saved that (fill-in-the-blank item) all these years I could have just used it again!”

But rarely are trends just recycled. Rather, new trends use “old ideas” in different ways, revamping and revitalizing items or looks from the past to fit the current aesthetic of the times.  And there’s always a new twist to these “old ideas” that make them fresh and au courant.  For the naysayers, you can bet that if you just re-used that chair or blazer from 30 years ago, it wouldn’t look on trend, it would just look old!

Gotta Terracotta

Terracotta has made a resurgence-not only the material but also the color. Today’s terracotta items feature sleek, contemporary lines, rather than the rustic, hand-made look of old, offering a new way to introduce this earthy material and color. While terracotta flooring and paint colors are certainly festive, there are smaller, less permanent ways to tie this design trend into your existing spaces. Try incorporating terracotta and blush colors into your candleholders, vases, or throw pillows for some fun color without the commitment.

Put a Cork in It

Cork is making a comeback this year, and it can help your space feel more organic and natural. Incorporate cork into your home accessories, or try out an entire cork accent wall. Personally, we love this Hubbardton Forge Pendant with a cork shade!

Mix it Up

We’ve talked about this trend for quite a while now, and have featured it in several Bon Brise projects. Mixed metals are all the rage!  Mixing stainless steel, brass, and wrought iron can be done in many ways…fabrics, lighting fixtures, frames on your wall art. The key is to balance the use of the different metals, and don’t over-do it

Hygge It Out

The Danes call it Hygge (“hue-guh”), the Scots call it Còsagach (“kaw-sa-goch” to rhyme with Scottish “loch”), we call it warm and cozy.  We’re not sure this ever went out of style, but it sure is a theme now.  Whether you’re in Chicago or Tampa, making your interior spaces cozy and inviting is always a good idea. Try switching out your bedding for chunky knits and faux furs, or add some texture to your living room with throws and cable-knit pillows. Our Florida friends may want to do this in colors, layering brighter tones. Our Chicago friends might use wools that are undyed or in natural greys.

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