A hotel room can never beat your own bedroom—but what is it about hotel rooms that seem so luxurious? If you’ve dreamed of having a bedroom with all of the lovely elements of a hotel room, you’re in luck! With a few upgrades, you can combine the luxury hotel vibe with the personality and comfort of your own bedroom or guest room. Keep reading for our tips on creating a space that will always remind you of your favorite vacation!


Invest in Quality Linens and Sheets
In several recent posts, we’ve discussed the importance of high-quality bedding. Luxury hotels use only the best sheets with a thread count of 300 or higher. This soft cotton adds extra comfort on top of a luxurious mattress, which is also important. How old is your mattress? If you can’t remember, it’s probably time for a new one.

Once you have your new, soft duvet cover, sheets, and mattress, it’s time to make your bed—every day—so that your room is neat and fresh when you walk back in at night.


Declutter Your Bedside Table

Upgrade your bedside tables by decluttering. Once you’ve decluttered, consider adding a water carafe and glass or fresh flowers. If you like to read before bed, then ensure there’s enough room for your book or magazine. We also like to add a charging station or chic alarm clock.


Upgrade the Lighting
Hotels put a lot of thought into lighting. Consider adding layers of lighting. Start with your overhead light, then consider a standing lamp and sconces. To make your overhead lighting more versatile, add a dimmer switch to give you options for every mood.


Add Seating

Hotel rooms are both living and sleeping areas. To achieve this in your bedroom, break up the  space into multiple areas with seating. If you have room, an accent chair, an ottoman and a great lamp provide a place to sit and read. A bench at the end of the bed can also provide seating and storage.


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