I hear so many great questions from my clients, and many of them I hear over and over again. That’s why we’re sharing five of the most common interior design questions we receive from clients and even friends and family. I hope this lightning round of designer queries answers a question you’ve always had!


What is a good kid- or pet-friendly rug option?

Flat-woven rugs are the best option for under dining tables and for those of us with pets. They’re easy to clean, chairs slide in and out easily, and you can find them in a wide range of styles.


How do I decorate a fireplace mantle?

You can’t go wrong with a large mirror or statement art piece in the center. You can flank your large mirror with candles or vases to add more dimension. You may also want to add one or two sculptural pieces, but don’t go overboard.


How high should I have picture frames and mirrors?

Hanging frames at the right height is much more important than you might think. Usually, you should hang the artwork so that the center is at eye-level. Around five feet from the floor is standard. If you’re creating a gallery wall, make sure you have at least three inches between frames to give each item space to breathe.


What are the best neutral paint colors?

This depends on the color palette of your space. If your color palette is warm, go for a warm white or a “greige.” If it’s cool, you can’t go wrong with a soft, light gray. Both of these options get you away from the typical beige color you find in many homes and the stark white that is on-trend right now.


How do I divide a room into two spaces?

This is a common question for those with office spaces in the bedroom or for children’s playrooms. To create two distinct spaces in one room, try thinking of them as zones. Try placing a rug under your bed and accenting the office side of your bedroom with a gallery wall.


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