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Consider earth tones for your interiors in 2019.

Guest Contributor: Micheal Brennan

Moving into a new home is an exciting experience. Whether you’re an Illinois native, or you’ve recently moved to Chicago and are just beginning to find your feet in the city, the home is your haven.

While there are new places to explore, so many places to eat and brand-new things to see, there are also many concerns that you need to think about too. For instance, how do you plan on decorating your property? While you might have a few basic ideas in mind about the styles and colors you like, most homeowners will need a little inspiration before they can present their ideas to a professional interior designer.

Design trends are constantly evolving. There are a host of new trending ideas on the market right now ready to explore. Here are just a few of the concepts that you could consider when you move into your recently-purchased property.

1. Spa-like Bathrooms

If you speak to any professional interior designer, then they’ll tell you that homeowners have always wanted their bathrooms to feel like a luxury spa. Today, the search for a truly relaxing bathroom is on, with various homeowners spending their cash on large, jacuzzi-style bath tubs, alongside decoration ideas that include natural stone textures and earthy tones.

2. Comfortable Textures

Recently it’s less about harsh styles and more about plush, luxurious experiences. For instance, velvet is going to be the fabric of choice for many pieces of statement furniture this year. In the bedroom, interior designers are experimenting with quilted chairs and indulgent upholstered headboards.

3. Statement Ceilings

We all know about the statement wall – but have you ever considered spending your cash on a statement ceiling? Searches for the term “statement ceiling” have risen by 310% on Pinterest this year as people look for new ways to transform their rooms from the top down. Before you make the move to Chicago, it might be worth looking at your new home’s ceilings to see if you can make them into a standout feature for your property.

4. Neutral, Earthy Colors

Natural shades are leading the way. Soft green hues like sage are replacing the likes of stone, beige, and pure white. If sage isn’t your preferred color of choice, you could always try other pastel colors like soft jades, olives, and even gentle yellows. Make sure that you pair these hues with dark woods to get the maximum effect.

5. Beautiful Doors

Finally, one of the home’s most overlooked features is getting more attention recently, with focus on beautiful, brightly-colored doors. Statement doors on home exteriors are increasing in popularity as homeowners focus on making their property stand out from the crowd. If you choose to highlight your doors with a little bit of metallic coloring, we recommend sticking to industrial shades like nickel and brass to help you maintain that organic experience that’s so hot right now.