Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 11.22.00 AMPhoto from Pottery Barn

While we might not think of our homes as being polluted, indoor air is typically full of far more contaminants than the air outdoors. So why not make the ultimate functional decorating move: use easy to maintain houseplants for their purifying qualities while also bringing some outdoor beauty inside. Here are a few of the lowest maintenance varieties that we love for their looks:

  • Aloe: Everyone is probably familiar with Aloe (namely Aloe Vera) and its important role as a coolant in after-sun lotion. However, Aloe can also be a great decorative indoor plant, not to mention very easy to care for. Like cacti, Aloe plants do best in dry conditions and require little watering. Ideally, they should be planted in a cactus potting soil mix and should not be watered until the soil is totally dried out. The one thing they do need is plenty of good light, so be sure to put them in the vicinity of a window.
  • Peace Lily: The peace lily is a very popular indoor plant due to its dark, glossy leaves and beautiful white flowers. It also happens to be deceptively easy to grow. Despite its flowers, it favors low light and can be placed virtually anywhere.
  • Snake plant: Possibly one of the easiest plants to grow indoors, and also one of the most commonly seen. It has “tongue” shaped leaves that stand straight up right in a cluster. It can survive in almost total darkness. Just be sure not to over water it!
  • ZZ Plant: One of the more recently popular houseplants, the ZZ is stylish and very easy to take care of. It is known for not growing or surviving, meaning it requires no pruning, little sunlight, and infrequent watering.
  • Spider Plant: Spider plants can work in hanging terrariums or standing, and can be recognized by their abundance of long, thin arched leaves. They are very undemanding, but to look their best they should be placed in bright light and watered liberally throughout summer.

These options are all relatively inexpensive, easy to maintain and will add natural beauty to your home – so go ahead and choose the one (or all) that suits your style best!