For several months I’ve been discussing the resurgence of color in our interiors. And now I’m certain that the use of bright, vibrant color will be a major theme in interior design for the foreseeable future. Even before Covid-19, even before we had to spend weeks indoors with only our four walls to look at, we were becoming weary of greys and vast amounts of neutrals in our homes. Sophisticated, yes, but perhaps we need more now.

As you sit inside reading this, wouldn’t you love to infuse your home with inviting colors, like those you see in this photo? This was taken at a small ASID gathering just a few weeks ago—feels like a lifetime—at the new Knoll showroom in Chicago. I think we’ll see more of this because we all want, and even crave, happiness around us now.

So does this infusion of color mean your current, neutral interior look is dated? Not at all! The great news is that it’s easy to bring color into your home. Pillows, rugs, artwork, and even window treatments can all use your neutral furniture as a starting point and then you can add the color(s) of your choosing. The photo of the array of Knoll fabrics can really spark the imagination, no?

This phenomenon of wanting happy colors and whimsical patterns in our homes following a crisis is not new. Trends will always come and go, and come back again, whether the cause is a calamitous event or just a desire for change. After World War II, the homes of the U.S. were filled with a plethora of color and a riot of pattern!

The world needed happy then, just as we need it now. So, soldier on, bring in color and light, and be happy. We’re here to help in any way we can.