Let’s talk about about the thing everyone is discussing these days: the home office. We’re about to start construction on a project that we actually began before the stay-at-home orders, but obviously, it couldn’t be timelier.

Not only will it be a great place to work once it’s finished, but we’ve also packed in functionality since this room has to be many things: an office for two people, a major storage area for this busy family of five, and a place to save plants from the balcony during winter season.

We’re adding new, recessed lighting overhead, providing much-needed ambient brightness. We have oodles of power outlets—some that can be seen and others that are hidden away inside the cabinetry. We have lots of drawers for storage of small and flat items, as well as file cabinets and shelving for books and décor. The plants that come inside from the balcony during the winter season will have a cozy spot with a water-friendly countertop and grow lights placed in the cabinets above. We’ll also have a magnetic backsplash that can provide the perfect spot for the display of an extensive magnet collection.

Do you want a highly customized space that can meet your every need? Give us a call to see how we can help make your dreams a reality.