Never underestimate how a simple light fixture can transform a space—particularly wall sconces! Not only do sconces save plenty of space, they also allow you to further customize your bedroom’s lighting to suit your needs. If your bedroom design feels incomplete, then consider taking a look at your lighting. Is it too harsh? Too dim? A well-placed sconce (or two!) can offer a beautiful solution. Here are a few ways you can incorporate sconces in your bedroom:

Ditch the bulky lamps!
If you have small bedside tables, don’t overwhelm them with a pair of bulky lamps. If you find that your lamps are constantly in the way or simply seem too visually heavy, swap them out for a pair of sconces. Elevating the fixture will allow for more space on your table, and even large sconces will seem less overwhelming in your room.

Brighten up with metals.
Even when the lights are off, sconces can add a bit of shine to the bedroom. Whether you prefer copper or gold, a metallic finish can bring dimension to the space. When deciding on a style of sconce, take a look at all of your options: silver, copper, gold, or a color.

Add balance.
Well-placed sconces can add the perfect amount of symmetry to your bedroom. With matching fixtures, you can visually anchor both sides of the room. If you prefer a bedroom with minimal accents, balance can also be achieved by using statement or larger sconces.

Perfect your lighting.
Get the exact lighting you’re looking for by installing adjustable sconces. Adjustable sconces allow you to ensure your lighting isn’t too bright or too dim. They’re perfect for bedtime reading!

Lighting is one of many accents to take into consideration when designing your bedroom. Are you up for a redesign? Let Bon Brise Design help you transform your bedroom! Schedule a consultation with our principal designer today.