At Bon Brise Design, we know all about big moves. In 2017, our Principal Designer moved from her home of many years, and Bon Brise opened a second office in St. Petersburg, Florida, as well. Packing up both office and home for a long-distance move offered a learning opportunity for the team. Over the years, we all collect items that we don’t truly need. We envisioned a new, clutter-free office and home and got to work. Before packing up for Florida, we asked ourselves a few questions about every item before it went in a box-the first step to reducing clutter.

If you’re moving soon, here’s what you need to ask yourself to ensure you’re only packing items that need to come with you:

Will the furniture fit in your new home?
There’s no reason to move furniture that is too small or too large for your new home. If you’re upgrading to a larger home with an open floor plan, then your current furniture may be too small for your new home. If your children are leaving the nest and you’re moving to a smaller home, the same idea applies.

Measure each room of your new home and your current furniture. You can draw a floor plan for each room to get an idea of how your current furniture will fit into the space. If it doesn’t fit, sell it or donate it.

Do you use it-really?
Ask yourself how often you use each item. Daily-use items will include the coffee pot, dishes, clothing, and some electronics. These are the essential items that must be moved. Weekly items, including many kitchen items, have their place. Make sure you don’t have duplicates, such as multiple slow cookers or blenders collected over the years.

Items used only annually are another story. When is the last time you pulled out the Halloween decorations-years ago? Get rid of them! There are also items that you will find in the depths of closets and drawers and realize you had forgotten you owned the item at all. These should go straight to the donation pile.

Do you enjoy it?
Some of us keep things around simply because we’ve always had them. Get rid of items you don’t enjoy using, that don’t reflect your personality, or that you simply don’t need anymore. These are the items that will create clutter in your new home, and you want to prepare for a fresh start.

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