For the uninitiated, powder rooms can be a tricky design challenge. They’re small spaces, so it may seem like you don’t have much to work with. However, powder rooms can be wonderful places for you to make a bold statement through your home’s design. Need a few ideas? Don’t fret! We’ve curated seven design ideas to get you started:

Statement Mirror
A statement mirror can go a long way in your half-bath. In the right style, you can brighten the room and pull the space together. Make sure that the mirror is the right size for your space and that the style of the mirror flows with the rest of your home.

If you’ve been wallpaper-shy, then now is the time to commit! High-quality wall coverings offer hundreds of styles and patterns that can completely transform a space. You can choose a textured option or go with a bold pattern.

Bold Colors or Patterns
In the same vein as wallpaper, we love to go bold with color in powder rooms. While the rest of your home may be neutral, you can create an interesting space with vibrant wallcoverings or simply paint the walls a deep jewel tone for a sophisticated look.

Interesting Tile
Bold colors don’t have to be relegated to the walls. Interesting and bold tile patterns are an option that allows you to keep the rest of the space neutral, while still displaying plenty of style.

Floating Vanity
A floating vanity offers a contemporary option that can be an interesting piece on its own. In very small spaces, a floating vanity will seem less overwhelming.

Simple White
While going bold is a great way to go, we understand that not everyone wants to! In many transitional and contemporary homes, an all-white bathroom can be just as beautiful. Instead of experimenting with color, in an all-white space, you can play with textures and bring in color with art.

Bright Lights
If you’re going for a simple look, adding a statement lighting fixture can add a focal point to the space. Chandeliers come in a wide range of styles if you have high ceilings, and for small spaces, consider sconces.

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