Before working with my interior design clients, one of the issues they say they run into most is empty space—big, blank walls with nothing but paint. Left untouched, these areas can leave a room feeling incomplete. However, the wrong décor can throw off the style you’ve curated or simply not be at the right scale for the room. To help you with your design woes, we’ve curated a list of a few of our favorite ways to fill a blank wall. Let’s get started!


Patterned Headboard

In the bedroom, a patterned, upholstered headboard is a simple way to add a focal point to a blank wall. If you’re searching for a patterned headboard and aren’t finding exactly what you’re looking for, don’t forget that you can always have one custom-made just for your style.


Large Mirrors

A large mirror in an entryway, living room, and even bedroom can be a beautiful way to bring light and style into a space. Try looking for a mirror that follows the style of the rest of your space. In a transitional or contemporary space, you might look for a mirror with clean edges. In a vintage-inspired home, you can go with a more ornate choice.


Minimalist Bookshelves

Floating, minimalist bookshelves will not only fill your space, but you can put your favorite books and sculptural accents on display. This also allows you to play with color using painted shelves.


Bold Floor Lamps

In the living or dining room, a bold floor lamp can make quite the statement. There are many large, unique floor lamps that may not fill wall space but will add a focal point to the area.



Wallpaper can add texture and patterns to an otherwise dull space. We love to use wallpaper with subtle patterns and textures to add more dimension to contemporary designs. You can find wallcoverings in hundreds of styles and colors.


Eye-catching Art

Eye-catching art doesn’t have to be bright or out-of-the-box. Instead, we love to commission custom art for our clients that fits their style just right. In the photo above, you can see a custom painting commissioned for a client that slides into the space perfectly.


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