Subway tile is everywhere these days. From transitional kitchens to modern bathrooms, the style has become a go-to for many. Its versatility means it can find its way into nearly any style of home.

While we love the classic look of sleek subway tiles, a few new and beautiful tile trends are making their way into the spotlight. If you’re looking for an alternative to subway tiles, here are a few options to consider:

  1. Hexagonal Mosaics: Sheets of tiny tiles are a clean option with a lot of visual interest. Hexagonal mosaics, in particular, look wonderful in solid-color patterns and still offer a contemporary, geometric look.
  2. Glazed Squares: If you love the idea of subway tiles but are still looking for something a little different, consider square tiles installed in a brickwork pattern. A glazed finish will further soften the look and add a bit of texture.
  3. Chevron Patterns: Another slight alternative to subway tiles is simply installing them in a different pattern. Subway tiles can be used to create chevron patterns. Longer, thinner tiles can be used to create even more interesting options.
  4. Moroccan Tiles: Moroccan tiles are an alternative to the sharp lines of most tiles. They’re often shaped in more elegant curves and can add a unique design element to the room. You can use them as an accent along with other tiles as well.
  5. Mediterranean Patterns: Mediterranean-inspired tiles can add character and color to any contemporary or transitional space. They come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and sizes. This is a great alternative to the stark-white tile trends we’ve seen in recent years.

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