Photo courtesy of Maya Romanoff.

One of the elements that sets luxury interior designs apart from the ordinary is an accent wall. These days, you can see them in nearly every home shown in magazines. At Bon Brise Design, they’re an element we often include in our design plans to add texture and color to a space.


No matter your budget or size of your space, an accent wall can do wonders for your home. Here are a few tips that will help you create an accent wall that brings more life into your space:


Choose a Location

Accent walls draw your eye in a space. When choosing a location, think about how the room will flow, the purpose of the accent, and the architecture of your space. In a bedroom, you might want to draw attention to your headboard and anchor that wall to tie in the bed, nightstands, and rug. In the living room, the flow of the space will center around the fireplace. These are good candidates for accent wall locations. The location of the accent wall should be the focal point of the room.


Choose a Medium

An easy way to create an accent wall is with paint. This will take the least amount of effort and will have the lowest cost, even when using professional painters. Paint is a great way to add color and depth, but it’s not the only option. Wallcovering is one of our most-used options for accent walls. Not only can you choose from thousands of patterns, but wallcovering often adds texture to a room. Other options include wood paneling, shiplap, or adding trim.


Choose a Color

A dramatic color will work well for smaller accent walls and when paired with a lighter color palette. A dark, dramatic wall paired with dark furniture and other accents will overwhelm the space. If your location for an accent wall is large, then consider adding dimension through a medium or light hue. Wallpaper can be a great option for large walls by choosing a subtle pattern with texture.


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