Everybody enjoys a good trip to the beach, so it’s no wonder why most of us love sea-inspired decor. Whether you live by the beach in Florida or are in the suburbs of Chicago, there are plenty of ways to bring the ocean indoors to create a warm and breezy paradise in your home. Don’t let your love for the ocean let your space get cluttered with sea shells—if you’re planning to create an ocean-inspired space, it’s important to maintain balance by using subtle elements.

Keep reading to learn our tips for creating a sophisticated, beach-inspired home!

Paint it Blue
What’s the simplest way to transform your home? Color! Blue reminds us of water, but be careful which hues you choose. If you’re looking for a rustic feel, pair deep blues with warm browns. For a classic nautical style, stick with white and navy or sapphire blue.

Blue walls can create a new look in your space, but they can quickly feel overwhelming. Instead of painting every wall, consider painting a single accent wall or adding a patterned wallcovering in hues of blue to one wall. If you have a large piece of blue furniture or many blue accents, it may also be best to stick with a different shade, such as a sandy or white tone, for your walls.

Texture and Upholstery
Water has a visual texture of its own in its waves and ripples. The beach is full of textures, from the sand to driftwood. You can bring beachy textures into your home using textured upholstery and mix a few additional textures within the room. For example, pair your sofa with a driftwood-inspired coffee table and pillows with varying textures.

Art and Accents
This is where moderation becomes even more important. It’s best to stay away from art and decor that is outright beach themed. Instead of a canvas scene of a beach, look for subtle palm prints, stripes, and even tropical plants.

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